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George Wade : I own the hotel, and I live there. My life is very much like Monopoly.

Will : In my opinion, all men are islands. And what's more, now's the time to be one. This is an island age.

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TAILLE /HEIGHT : Hugh mesure 1m80 soit 5' 11"


Two Weeks Notice (2002) $12,500,000
Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) $7,500,000
Notting Hill (1999) $7,500,000
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) $100,000
Is said to be one of the victims of the illegal phone hacking in the UK done by journalist Clive Goodman. (August 15, 2006)

Has reportedly been asked to be best man at former lover Liz Hurley's wedding to Arun Naya. (August 3, 2006)

Reportedly proposed to girlfriend Jemima Khan at the end of 2005 while holidaying in Barbados, but the couple have managed to keep the news a secret, just for close family and friends. (June 13, 2006)

Grant and his girlfriend Jemima Khan have launched legal action against Daily Mail newspaper over their article titled 'I never knew he was such a good actor' which he claims is false and defamatory. (June 7, 2006)

Has bought a home in Chelsea worth $33 million with his girlfriend Jemima Khan. (May 4, 2006)

Reportedly struck a photographer with a manila folder on the streets of New York City. (February 21, 2006)

Claims he looks like a butch lesbian with short hair. (October 5, 2005)

Was picked by Organizers of the Whitbread Book of the Year Award to join the panel of judges for the 2004 prize.

Says his wax figure at Madame Tussaud's makes him look like 'Julie Andrews on heroin'.

Says he likes the partying more than he does the acting when he makes a movie.Says he's lost interest in acting and is heading into retirement. (November 12, 2004)

When he appeared in Oprah Winfrey's chat show, he mocked Julia Roberts literally big-mouthed, Branded Emma Thompson a real-life man and declared that Julianne Moore hates him. (2004)

Is distraught to learn that his UN worker girlfriend Kasia Komorowicz may be spending almost twelve months in Iraq, helping to rebuild the war-torn country's computer and telephone systems. (December 30, 2003)

Has been teasing co-star Renee Zellweger about her weight gain for the role in BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON -- A source says, The minute he clapped eyes on Renee he hollered, 'My God, you're huge!' He's been carrying on with the fatty jibes ever since, but Renee laughs it off, saying at least she's supposed to be chunky.” (November 4, 2003)

Grant has shelled out $3.2 million for Melksham Court, a new house in England located near ex-love Elizabeth Hurley's country mansion. (August 27, 2003)

After years as a bachelor, Grant said he wants to take some time off from making movies to concentrate on his romantic life -- He said he also wants to take a break from acting because it's something he's never loved, even though it's made him famous and wealthy. (April 1, 2003)

Grant has been added to the new edition of Who's Who – he is among about 1,000 newcomers who will grace the pages of the famous red book, which is dedicated to the rich, famous and successful. (January 13, 2003)

Grant admitts whenever he'd get a laugh on stage, he'd start laughing himself because he was so delighted,” and says he never came across anyone with a worse problem until he met Sandra Bullock -- the two actors couldn't stop giggling while filming TWO WEEKS NOTICE together. (January 4, 2003)

Staff on the set of Grant and Sandra Bullock's new film, TWO WEEKS NOTICE, have taken to poking fun at the reported romance between the pair -- the stars themselves have constantly denied they are anything else but colleagues. (November 21, 2002)

He touts Sandra Bullock as the best actress he has ever worked with on a romantic comedy as both play in TWO WEEKS' NOTICE

Says the haircut he had in ABOUT A BOY made him feel like a woman.

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#43). (1995)

Was arrested for lewd conduct after cops found him with Divine Brown, a prostitute, in his car. He pleaded no contest and got a $1,180 fine and two years' probation. (1995)

Features in the 1996 paperback Mug Shots that includes many other celebrities who've been arrested for one reason or another.

Got his start by performing a British comedy sketch group, The Jockeys of Norfolk.

On the set of MICKEY BLUE EYES, James Caan gave Hugh the nickname of Whippy, because Caan said he worried about everything like the little whippet dogs that get nervous and you got to put a sweater on them when they're cold.

Opted not to do a nude scene in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (1994) when a make up artist asked if he wanted definition painted on his body.

PRIVILEGED (1982): Is an Oxford University student feature film, reputedly the first of its kind, with a very young Grant, in the leading role.

On the international poster of NOTTING HILL, he wears a jacket, on the US poster just a sweater.

Scenes in NINE MONTHS (1995) where Samuel (Grant) is arrested and photographed were cut from the film prior to release, following Grant's highly-publicized arrest for lewd conduct.

The book that his character is reading as he sits on the park bench at the very end of the movie is Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernières. (NOTTING HILL)

The house in NOTTING HILL with the blue door where his character lives is real; it once belonged to NOTTING HILL screenwriter Richard Curtis (I).

The 'movie within the movie' which he watches near the start of the movie is entitled GRAMERCY PARK is the film distribution company joint owned by NOTTING HILL's distributors, PolyGram and Universal Pictures. (NOTTING HILL)

Turned down the role of Gilderoy Lockart in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (2002), the teacher of Defense against Dark arts.

While making FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (1994), he thought the movie was awful.

BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY (2001): While film-goers were eager to see Grant play a character opposite to his usual type-cast, it is ironic that original author Helen Fielding describes him, in real life, as being more like Daniel Cleaver, than any of his normal roles.

Once attacked the paparazzi outside his house with an umbrella

Directed some additional scenes for MICKEY BLUE-EYES

Trade mark: Plummy English accent

Was voted fourth in the Orange 2001 Film Survey of Greatest British film actor.

Jay Leno told the London Independent that there are only 18 celebrities worth having on a chat show, one of them being Hugh Grant.

Is of Scottish ancestry and a distant cousin of Thomas Sangster.

His most favorite artist is Patrick Rondat.

Is a big supporter of Fulham Football Club.

Both of his parents had military backgrounds.

Was often credited as Hughie Grant in his early career.

Is usually dubbed by Vincent Cassel in French versions of his films.

Used to play cricket in his younger years.

His production company's name, Simian Films, was invented by Elizabeth Hurley as she thought that he resembled an ape or a monkey.

Was born on the same date and month as Adam Sandler was.

Is one of the godfather of Elizabeth Hurley's son, Damian Hurley.

Refused the offer from Courtauld Institute to do post graduate studies in Art History.

Once performed with the Nottingham Playhouse before his acting career took off.

Often was taken to the ENT Clinic in London because he used to drink bleach and stuff rolls of apple peel up his nose during his childhood.

Is an avid golfer and has been spotted taking part in pro-am tournaments.

hose not to undergo a nude scene in "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (1994) after being asked by a make up artist if he wanted definition painted on his body.

Ranked 43rd on Empire Magazine's list of 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History in 1995.

Gained Best Actor nomination at BFTA Awards in 1995, European Film Awards in 2001 then 2004, and CFCA Awards in 2003. He earned the title at the former event.

Took home a CFCA Award for being the Most Promising Actor in 1995 and a Golden Slate Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role at Csapnivalo Awards in 2000.

Won the Peter Sellers Award for Comedy at the 1995 and 2002 Evening Standard British Film Awards.

Has been thrice nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical category at Golden Globe Awards in 1995, 2000, and 2003. He won one at the former event.

Obtained a Special Achievement Award in 1995 and an ALFS Award in 2003 at London Critics Circle Film Awards

Scored a nomination for the category of Best Breakthrough Performance at MTV Movie Award in 1995 and of Choice Chemistry with Renee Zellweger at Teen Choice Awards in 2001.

Appeared in the 1996 paperback "Mug Shots" which put the picture of many other celebrities who had been arrested for one reason or another.

Was given the nickname of Whippy by James Caan during the filming of "Mickey Blue Eyes" (1999) because the older actor considered him to worry about everything like "the little whippet dogs that get nervous."

Got nominated for the category of Favorite Actor - Comedy/Romance at Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and Favorite Movie Couple with Julia Roberts at Kids' Choice Awards in 2000 through his role in "Notting Hill" (1999).

Has been nominated for Best British Actor category at Empire Awards for 3 times that were in 2000, 2002, and 2003. He won all except at the 2002 event.

Was the 4th Greatest British Film Actors based on the Orange 2001 film survey.

Was considered for the role of Gilderoy Lockhart in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (2002).

Received a Taormina Arte Award at the 2002 Taormina International Film Festival and an Honorary Cesar at the 2006 Cesar Awards, France.

Was nominated for the category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical in 2002 and of Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical in 2003 at Satellite Awards.

Nabbed the title of Best International Actor at Golden Camera Awards in 2003 for his role in "About a Boy" (2002).

Was bestowed a Britannia Award for Excellence in Film at the 2003 BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards.

Became one of the first 100 to be bestowed an honor of his name being set into the pavement at London's Avenue of the Stars in Convent Garden by 2005.

Along with his girlfriend Jemima Khan filed a libel suit against British newspaper Daily Mail over its article titled "I never knew he was such a good actor," which he claims is "false and defamatory" which was published June 3rd, 2006.