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 . : CapitalFM Radio, Two Weeks Notice Interview : .

The stars of ‘Two Weeks Notice’, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, talk exclusively about the making of the movie and the truth about their relationship.

Tell us about 'Two Weeks Notice'...
Hugh: Multi-billionaire tycoon. Spoilt, rich, shallow womanizer and playboy hires new lawyer who is by contrast a socially committed, serious, hippy-ish, very badly dressed but surprisingly attractive woman. He drives her nuts by asking her to do non-legal tasks all the time like choosing new ties and sorting out his messes with girlfriends. She tries to resign in protest, but when she does she realises that actually she misses him and has been in love with him, and he realises he's been in love with her. It's an attraction of opposites. Very charming.

There's been numerous stories about the two of you getting together off set as well. Does that bore you?
Sandra: You have to ignore it, but I didn't. I think that's because normally people tend to leave me alone and it was sort of a new thing for me. I got upset when they said we were together but I got even more upset when they said we hated each other.
Hugh: It's a lose, lose situation.

Hugh, you get accused of being in love with everyone you star opposite!
Hugh: Yeah, it always happens! I'm not sure why.
Sandra: I think it's wishful thinking on behalf of people outside the industry. There's not many people like you. You're a golden egg. I think they want for you to have a wonderful relationship and they wish for you every time you're with a wonderful actress, me included! It's glamorous and it sells papers.
Hugh: That is the bottom line.

If you could choose any headline about yourselves what would it be?
Hugh: Weds English hunk!
Sandra: I prefer not to be in the papers. I can do my job and people tend to leave me alone because I do tend to lead a fairly uninteresting life. Hugh, however, sneezes, and people write about it.

Hugh, do you ever feel under pressure to have a family?

Hugh: I am very much up for breeding and I'm looking for a good mate!

Heather Burns, your co-star, is currently on stage in the West End. Is that something either of you can see yourselves doing?
Hugh: No. I had to give up the theatre because of my giggling problem! If I did a funny line and the audience laughed, I was so delighted that I laughed too!

Sandra, you've apparently described Hugh as one of the most tortured people you've ever met. Is that true?
Sandra: Yes, but in a good way. I've never seen anyone agonise over making his work better more than Hugh. The torture is artistic torture.

Are premieres something that you enjoy?
Sandra: I think they mean something different here than they do in the States.
Hugh: It's a bigger deal here actually, because there's so many of them churned out in New York and LA every week.
Sandra: I'm not comfortable getting dressed up and walking down the carpet. I feel like it's just showing yourself off. It is silly and it should be enjoyed. We're not curing cancer and it's not anything of major importance, but it is an event. If you can look at it the way Hugh does - in a very healthy way - then that's the way to go about it. It's also a lot of pressure. All they care about is what you're wearing.

Hugh, what's your idea of a perfect night out in London?

Hugh: I would like to keep that a bit under wraps. Nothing very glamorous - same old friends, same old pubs, same old Indian restaurants.
Sandra: I would much rather stay at home and hang out. I'm not a good socialiser, but if I do go out it's usually the same thing. I can't hang out in a pub and just drink because I'll pass out or throw up! That happens rather quickly with me.
Hugh: But once you get on the razzle you are unstoppable!
Sandra: If there's a dance floor and music, I will be awake until 6am. I will not leave the dance floor!

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