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Congratulations to your great flirt for the press in Cannes.

Sandra Bullock (amused): We only talked nonsense. Here in America nobody understood it.
Hugh Grant: Nonsense? I meant every word serious.
Sandra Bullock: That's why I was so afraid of this interview. Noone can trust you!

Still you had together.....
Hugh Grant: I was keen on Sandra long before! Now I that I had her, I just throw her away.
Sandra Bullock (giggles): Since the shooting he thinks I am a pest.

You can't notice that on screen.
Sandra Bullock: Hugh is good with women! He understands us. I like him. But he just takes the mickey out of me all the time (she snuggles up to him)
Hugh Grant: My feminine side is very distinct. On set I was the diva, hiding in my trailer for hours.
Sandra Bullock: It's the merit of Marc Lawrence that we harmonize so well in the film. Hugh's style is very different from mine.
Hugh Grant: Bullock's trump is her body. I am more the verbal type. I really tried for more body efforts, but the result was so shameful we had to cut out this scene.
Sandra Bullock (laughs): Do you mean the one with the dumbbells?
Hugh Grant: In this scene I am in the fitness centre, and during a talk I blindly srew one kilo weight after the other, and then I had great troubles to lift them. (to the laughing Bullock) Yes, you liked that!
Sandra Bullock: But apart from that we had enough room for each other during the shooting.
Hugh Grant: Yes, it was scary, because I am selfish and envious by nature.
Sandra Bullock: What a man who admits this! May I go on tour with you and take admission fee for you?
Hugh Grant (continues untouched): In the past in London I performed with a comedy group. We fighted on the floor, because I was jealous of the laughs they got.

Really? You are notorious for your vivid imagination.
Hugh Grant: Ah, sometimes I don't even know what is true and what is invented. You want a true story of my life? When I was young I mutilated myself with my mother's razor. When I was a teenager I looked like a girl - during a school exchange in Paris everyone called me "Mademoiselle". One day I fell on my face and with the wound I suddenly looked much more masculine, even bold. And for the first time I attracted attention by the girls.
Sandra Bullock (giggles): How old were you?
Hugh Grant: 38. No, I was 13. The scratches healed up and the girls lost interest. So I took the razor blade. Unfortunately the wound became infected.
Sandra Bullock: You can't see it anymore.
Hugh Grant: No, I got over all the face surgeries pretty well.
Sandra Bullock: When I was 13, everyone thought I was a boy. I cut my hair very short and I looked like a Q-Tip.
Hugh Grant: I love the little Sandy.
Sandra Bullock: He loves to hear stories about my childhood - preferred horror stories. I seem to appeal the disaster.
Hugh Grant: Tell us the story about... (laughs) In Cartoons you often see those guys who are rolled over by bulldozers. (to Sandra) You look quite flat!
Sandra Bullock: That`s something in our family. Bullock sounds a bit like bulldozer....(tells a 5 minute story about her father who was hit by a bulldozer)
Hugh Grant: Anyway, Marc Lawrence used her clumsy kind in a wonderful way for the film. She is really very clumsy, but charming.
Sandra Bullock: Hugh, women are not only lovely creatures. We have a digestion!

In your film, there's a quite real loo-scene.
Hugh Grant: Oh, yes, wonderful! During our test performance we asked the audience what they didn't like. Long silence. Then one guy shyly lifted his hand: "I don't want to see Sandra Bullock going to shit"

Mr. Grant in interviews you always say you are not interested in the deep side of women.
Hugh Grant: Yes, I don't deny it: I am shallow. Sandra can confirm it. She has seen me in action.
Sandra Bullock (seriously): Hugh needs someone who shares his humour. But if sometime the right woman will appear he will definitely be helpless. But I can't blame him for being shallow. On set I saw sensible women who completely changed into the opposite when he appeared. Half of the world has got a crush on him! My complete German relations always ask me about him. Because he is sooo sweet.
Hugh Grant: Let's got to Germany! (stands up)
Sandra Bullock: You see? He is a complete gentleman - and then he just walks out on you!

In the film you realize you love Sandra, because you always hear her voice, have her advices in your mind. Whose voice is in your mind in real life?
Hugh Grant: The voices in my head are coming definitely from planet Solar 16. No, it's boring, but it's my mother. When a lady enters the room she tells me: "Stand up, boy!" (quietly) Unfortunately she died some time ago, but still....
Sandra Bullock: My inner voice belongs to my sister. She is a better person than I am, social committed. She is my support.
Hugh Grant: Sandra namely has one problem: She buys dilapidated houses. Come on, tell us how many of them you own.
Sandra Bullock: No!
Hugh Grant: You only can win against your addiction, if you confess it.
Sandra Bullock: No!!!
Hugh Grant: Five! And in none of them you can life.
Sandra Bullock: Ok, Mr-four-appartement-in-the-same-town: he has fitted carpet in his bathroom! Grotesque! Is it also white?
Hugh Grant: This conversation commits a faux pas.
Sandra Bullock: Hugh Grant has velvet in his bathroom.

You are very confident. Is it possible between women and men to be just friends?
Sandra Bullock: Say it Hugh! I know you fancy me.
Hugh Grant: A man, a woman, but no bad behaviour? Impossible! (whispering to Sandra) Some day you will give in to me.

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