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n TWN, HG's latest romantic comedy (his eighth, in fact), the actor
portrays George Wade, a rakish billionaire ladies' man. "He bridges
the gap between the out-and-out cads and the Goody Two-shoes I've
played," says Grant. "He lives for fun, girls, jokes, parties -all the
things that are important to me. But I have neuroses that I don't
think he has." And what does Grant live for? Hairy Marys, Aston
Martins and an ace game of Sardines. Read on to discover what else
this modern gentleman prefers.

Favorite films "The Way Ahead (1944); Zulu (1964); The Party (1968)"

Favorite film he has been in "The Remains of the Day"

Favorite co-star "Sandy Bullock (despite her many faults)"

Dream co-star "Sandy Bullock (minus her many faults)"

Favorite reality TV show "I ought to watch (the Fall 2002 version of)
The Bachelor. Bullock keeps leaving me videotapes. Apparently he chose
her as his favorite Hollywood star, and she was extremely pleased."

Favorite childhood TV shows "Fawlty Towers; Kojak; Match of the Day"

Favorite books "Lucky Jim, Amis; The Secret of the Unicorn, Herge"

Favorite news sources "The Independent; David Furnish"

Favorite work of art "The Charge of the Light Brigade, RC Woodville"

Favorite landmark "The Serpentine, Hyde Park, London"

Favorite royal "Princess Leia"

Favorite game "Sardines. It's like hide-and-seek, but when you find
the person hiding, you hide along with him until you've got 15 people
or so crammed into a small cupboard...You may think that's a little

Favorite car "Aston Martin DB6"

Favorite sport to play "High-stakes golf"

Favorite sport to watch "Ladies' tennis"

Favorite designers "Richard James; Kilgour French Stanbury"

Favorite articles of women's clothing "Backless dress, shoes, necklace
(I am wearing all three)."

Favorite date spot "The Franklin Hotel bar, Knightsbridge, London"
(ed. - I expect our UK members to stake it out. ;)

Favorite things to pinch from hotels "TV sets, money, jewelry"

Favorite restaurants "Cipriani, NY; Harry's Bar, Venice; the Ivy,
London; Wine and Kebab, Fulham Road, London"

Favorite cocktails "Crazy Ape, Hairy Mary, Malibu-and-pineapple"

Favorite bit of advice "Tell girls you like their shoes. It's the only
piece of advice I've ever given my godchildren, even the 2 year old."


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