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 . : Star Magazine , Issue 21 , Article

What's it like living near to Hugh Grant
Where he picks up his papers?
As befits the foppish English gentlemen he plays in most of his films, Hugh loves broadsheet newspapers and is regularly spotted popping into this Fullham newsagent to pick up his daily read. Despite being one of the most talked about celebs, Hugh is not interested in keeping up with the gossip on his fellow stars. Owner of Fullham News, Pankaj Amin says that Hugh buys up-market mens'mags, and is a friendly customer. "We always have a chat - we usually talk about football because he's a big Fullham fan.

Where he does his weekly shop?
Being a 21st-century bachelor, Hugh does his own shopping at a nearby Sainsbury's Local. One of the shop assistants there, Anette Maza, says: "Hugh comes in a lot. I can't remember exactly what he buys, but he's always very nice". In fact, while browsing the aisles, Hugh's likely to bump into all manner of stars who'll help him feel right at home - including Kylie Minoque, Geri Halliwal and James Hewitt. Ms. Maza said: "They all shop in here. It's pretty exiting".

Where he goes out to eat?
You wouldn't guess from his slim physique, but "Hugh's a big fan of the traditional English breakfast. He likes to visit Fullham Road's Vingt Quatre, a 21st-century brasserie where he tucks into a full English - without mushrooms. A staffer there says: He has the same thing every time and he's always very friendly". Hugh admits: "I don't diet as such, but eat what I want and then ease off a bit when I think I might be overdoing it". The 43-year-old is also a regular at Sophie's Steakhouse, where he chooses anything from a lobster (he also sometimes looks like one, ed.) and avocado sandwich to a Black Angus burger. A waiter says: "He generally comes in with a group of friends and is always left alone by fellow diners." (until now that is, go for it Steph!)

Where he rents his videos?
The star of a string of hugely successful romantic comedy's, it's not surprising that Hugh's a regular at the video shop "Prime time video" (???? ed.) He doesn't rent his own films though (surprise, ed.) - he prefers to watch more serous stuff so that he can get some acting tips. One of the video shop assistants told us :"He rents quite a few videos but he doesn't bring them back for ages. And then he has to pay a big fine!

Where he buys his cakes?
It's clear Hugh isn't too bothered about watching his weight. Not only does he enjoy a full English, he's also partial to the odd cream cake and is occasionally seen in posh bakery Maison Blanc on Fulham Road. An assistant says: "He came in recently and bought a strawberry and cream sponge. He was lovely".

Where he buys his coffee?
Hugh is a very busy man (hahahahahahahahahaha, ed.)and when he's not dashing off to meetings about forthcoming projects (such as, ed), he's shooting scenes for his latest film (which is?, ed.) To save time, he tends to skip his early morning brew and nips into his local Starbucks or Caffe Nero for a quick cup of coffee instead. A shop-assistant at Starbucks says: "He comes in and always orders a single espresso".

Where he goes for a drink?
Hugh is a regular at Finch's, a traditional British pub in Fulham. Barmaid Faye Murray says: "He comes in on his own or with male friends. In general he has a pint of lager - Fosters, I think".

Where he plays golf?
Hugh is the first to admit he's not really into keeping fit and, when it came to getting in shape for his role in BJD, he found it a struggle. He loves to play golf though, and has been spotted practising his swing on the green hills of The Grove in Hertfordshire. He says: "The big sport in my life at the moment is golf. I really hate golfers and what they wear, but it's a heck of a way to keep fit". Er, right, Hugh, if you say so....

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