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Bullock and Grant: Two strange bedfellows

For years, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant had hoped to meld their comedic talents. Now it's happening with Two Weeks Notice, which opens Friday. She plays an activist lawyer who works for Grant's self-absorbed, Donald Trump-like developer. (Trump has a cameo.) Frustrated by his ego, she gives notice. But is there a hidden flame between them?

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant star in the romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice.
Bullock and Grant do a lot of lip-locking on the screen, and they weren't shy about posing for photos lying entwined on a hotel bed. Their chemistry, despite some reports, seems just fine. USA Today's Jeannie Williams talked with the stars.
Q: Are any of the on-set rumors — of reshoots, fighting — true?
Grant: I have never heard of a film being made in a better spirit, and I say that as one who's traditionally rather grumpy on a film set because I'm so tense. So for someone to write that we had bad chemistry, it's enraging beyond enraging.
Bullock: It became increasingly more frustrating.

Q: Hugh, what did you think of Sandra before you met? Any adjectives?
Bullock: Sexy, hot, bombshell, saucy, womanly.
Grant: Oddly enough, "hot" is one of them. We were at a test screening in New Jersey and some guy said, "Sandy Bullock's hot." She was touchingly thrilled. We went out to a big celebration dinner, and she sat there all evening — she had written "hot" on her notes — and kept showing people, even the waiter.
Bullock: What do you think now? This is the question.
Grant: (Leering a bit) Even hotter.
Bullock: Oh, bunny!

Q: Bunny?
Bullock: Anything that's cute to me and lovable is a bunny. Baby bunny!

Q:Sandra, what did you think of Hugh? Did you wonder whether he was like his movie personas, a shallow cad?
Bullock: I adore him. I didn't think I would. I love watching him on film, and when I saw Bridget Jones's Diary— we'd already talked about working together — he was so sexy, I had a dream about him. I felt a little dirty afterward. (Laughs) Shallow? He can be, but not at the core.
Grant: Deep down, I'm not shallow.

Q: There was a report of you fighting at the Academy Awards last year.
Bullock: All I remember is there were two cars, and I told you to let your car go and have it follow us, and ride with me. I might have said get your butt in the car.
Grant: Certainly. But as a joke.

Q: Apparently, you did not have a personal relationship while on this movie?
Bullock: Apparently?
Grant: (Laughs)

Q:Unless you're under the bed, who knows? But the question is, if not, why didn't you?
Bullock: Don't say you weren't attracted to me — I'll kick your butt.
Grant: Yes, I was, still am, always will be! I'll tell you what is difficult with Bullock ...
Bullock: Before you speak, remember this is being transferred onto paper.
Grant: I've had this with a few girls in my life ...
Bullock: Oh, good, lump me in with everybody.
Grant: Some girls, however much I may fancy them, I can't quite flirt with them. I think if they're too clever, I have a real problem. I'm really more comfortable with the dim.

Q: Hugh's hair may be the best ever in this movie, don't you think?
Bullock: His hair is so good-looking 'cause we're so used to his other hair. And he's like a good cheese: gets better with age. The cheese factor.
Grant: Cheesier with every movie.

Q: Does either of you want kids? You're 37, Sandra. Hugh was 42 in September.

Bullock: Hugh and I apparently have some. Where are they?
Grant: Sandy is carrying my child.

Q: Seriously, Hugh, you said you feel it finally is time to "breed."

Grant: I do feel that.
Bullock: I just don't think you should approach it that way. You can't say the word "breed." He has to say, "I want to start a family, I want to get closer to you by having a child with you."
Grant: I like to say, "Mount, mate and breed and sire." I'm going to sire some offspring.

Q: You have a godson, Damian, Elizabeth Hurley's child. Do you see him often?

Grant: I'm trying to be a good godfather. I'm traditionally an appalling godfather.
Bullock: He showers him (with gifts). He's a great gift-giver. I have given you some pretty great gifts. Hugh, darling, what have I given you, love?
Grant: During the shoot, there were a lot of gift bags. If I went away for the weekend, I'd find in my trailer a lovely care package containing English chocolate, Wet Wipes, about 500 flavored condoms.

Q: How did the kissing scenes go?
Bullock: I felt like I kissed you more than anybody in any relationship I've been in! (Laughs)

Q: Is marriage ahead for either of you?
Bullock: The sanctity of marriage — I respect it a lot more than you would think, enough so that I don't take it lightly.

Q: Weren't you engaged?
Bullock: (No.) I tend to bolt a little bit. I'm a bolter. (Hugh), just don't say anything. Mr. Naughty. I wasn't a good partner. I've had other things in my life that took priority. Now I feel like I'd be fine.

Q: Are you dating anybody you'd like to mention?
Bullock: No.

Q: How about Hugh?
Grant: I can tell you who she's seeing.
Bullock: We're seeing a plethora of people. We do like to switch off partners.


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