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 . : What?! Movie Interview Transcript  : .

DAVE:Sandra, I'll start with you- the character that you have is the sort of character who like everybody in the world needs to organise somebody and like most people organise themselves. The fact that you need to organise this guy here means that you're denying anything that you are…

D: Yeah… S: It's not that I'm denying, I'm running away from the fact that I do need to do some serious work on myself which unfortunately means I can't concentrate on Hugh's life as much anymore. I have to look within myself.

HUGH GRANT: He was talking about the character

S: He was talking in general
H: There's so little difference between her and her character
S: There is no difference at all. I thought it was a big stretch….. (Hugh starts pouring a glass of water
S: Oh good, why don't you start doing that during my line?
H: Oh I'm sorry
S: There you go, am I thought there was a lot of difference between who I was playing and real life and Hugh brought it to my attention that they're virtually the same person.
S: So there's a lot of things I need to work on that I didn't realise I needed to work on
D: O.K. Speaking of working on, wasn't there talk a couple of years ago of you two working on something that didn't happen
S: each other
D: No, in terms of a some sort of project or other…
H: Oh many many, we've had thousands of scripts sent our way over the last few years but we've turned them all down, partly through ego, although we're both delightful people…
S: I think one of us is delightful and ego free while the other is a little self-obsesses
D: Fine..are we talking about the movie here or about real life?
S: Yes, this is all about out characters
H: Well, they were never quite even so you know it would be more the girl or more the boy, so we didn't want that, we wanted an even handed one. Plus
S: They're never funny H: They were never that funny. They were quite romantic but they were never that funny. One thing we always pride ourselves is trying to make them as funny as possible, our romantic comedies and I believe this one is.
D: Very good, so do I? Now the Alicia Witt character in the movie, is she the catalyst for everything that finally happens in the movie, do you think..that you are quite willing to be surrounded by somebody who will like your superficiality and like your wealth and like everything to do with you and be attracted to that and that you are somebody who will do the exact opposite to that and tell him where to get off. You realise that you need her when she goes and Alicia comes in and you realise that when Alicia comes in that you get jealous and that jealousy is the way that you therefore fall in love…I'll finish this…you'll take love anywhere you can find it all even if it's through the root of jealousy?
S: OK, very well said, very well said.
H: Marvelous, marvellous
D: Now, repeat it to me
S: I think that Alicia is definitely an energy that helps move forward, at least my character. I think I realise it from the moment that I quit but it took her to make me turn around and fight for it. That's often the case with me. I will let things slide by in life…if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be and sometimes I need a little help.
H: Do you? Now that's interesting
S: Ah- hmmm H: I think I have noticed that in you S: I need help.
D: O.k. but by the end of the movie, we see that the two of you are in love and we see that it's obviously going to go this way, but I saw it before that in the helicopter and I saw it before the two of you met because I knew it was a romantic comedy, is that alright
S: Well, yeah, with a romantic comedy if you don't get those elements of romance comedy.. that's the only reason people go see these movies, they want to see the journey of how are they going to make it unique, a little different but in the end, yes, they always get together. If they don't there's some problems
D: O.k. this is going to be a bit difficult because I'm actually going to praise Hugh big time here
S: I do it- he doesn't like it. Try it.
D: O.K. you knew he was a funny guy. Did you know just how gifted a comedien he was?
S: No, I had no idea. I also had no idea how brilliant a writer he was
H: Aaaarrgh
S: Sorry, this is not your time.
D: How brilliant a writer he was?
H: He is an amazing writer, and you know what he's too smart for his own good and I think that is the battle that will continue for him as an actor. He's a lot of things that I didn't expect, the most important being very easy to be around. I thought he'd be a little more Mr. Fancy Pants but he wasn't.
D: What about the timing element of comedy? People say that comedy is all about timing.
S: It's everything..absolutely everything, and I think our timing is so different in our approach and in our style
H: Well, you see I didn't find that
S: Ok I'm not finished talking
H: Sorry, bad timing. I came in too soon.
S: But I think my energy and his energy fit perfectly- I felt that anyway.
H: I have never come across a situation before in the cinema. In the theatre when I used to do a comedy show, the last time was in 1984, where if you gave me a page of script and I read it out with the other actor it would immediately work because our approach would be utterly the same in terms of timing and Bullock is the first time that has happened to be since 1984.

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