George Wade : I own the hotel, and I live there. My life is very much like Monopoly.

Will : In my opinion, all men are islands. And what's more, now's the time to be one. This is an island age.

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" Public Appearances " Photos :

.: Alfred Dunhill Links Championship In Carnoustie, Scotland (3 October 2006) : { 70 photos }
.: BAFTA Awards In Odeon Cinema Leicester Square In London (9 April 2000) : { 6 photos }
.: Charity Poker At 'Fifty' Bar In London, Britain (25 September 2006) : { 11 photos }
.: Sundance Film Festival In Utah, USA (30 January 1994) : { 3 photos }
.: Extreme Measures Premiere In New York (15 September 1996) : { 7 photos }
.: Four Weddings and a Funeral Premiere In London (11 May 1994) : { 4 photos }
.: Golden Globe Awards January In Los Angeles (23 January 2000) : { 8 photos }

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- Videos datant de 1995 et 2002 sur Hugh sur le site de la chaine Biography : ICI/HERE

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" Miscellaneous " Paparazzi Galleries :
.: 13 OCT 2006 : MANHATTAN , NEW YORK { 5 photos }

" Public Appearances " Photos :
.: Alfred Dunhill Links Championship In Carnoustie, Scotland (8 October 2004) : { 14 photos }
.: 54th Golden Apple Awards In Hollywood (11 December 1994) : { 3 photos }
.: Whitbread Book Awards (25 January 2005) : { 7 photos }
.: Tribeca Film Festival In New York City (8 May 2002) : { 8 photos }

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Tout d'abord, je vous rappelle qu 'il vous reste un jour pour acheter le fameux slip énorme de Bridget Jones dédicacé par Hugh dont je vous avais parlé de la vente aux enchères sur le net , vous pouvez trouver l'annonce sur Ebay : ==> ICI

Pas beaucoup de news sur Hugh après sa participation au championnat de golf de Dunhill en Ecosse, à part le fait qu'il a été aperçu a Manhattan hier et aujourd'hui, si vous voulez savoir l'endroit exact allez sur: Gawker. J'ai rajouté des photos de son apparition à New York dans les galleries "Paparazzi" .

" Miscellaneous " Paparazzi Galleries :
.: 12 OCT 2006 : MANHATTAN , NEW YORK { 4 photos }
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" Public Appearances " Photos :

.: Alfred Dunhill Links Championship In Carnoustie, Scotland (3 October) : { 64 photos }
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Grant makes it hard for his leading man (Telegraph.co.uk)

It was a celebrity pile-up. There was Ian Botham and his son, Liam, Sam Torrance and his son, Daniel, the actors, Hugh Grant and Kyle MacLachlan, the England cricket captain, Michael Vaughan, and half a dozen Ryder Cup golfers. Take away the horizontal rain and the squealing seagulls and it might have been an average night in The Ivy or some similar star's hangout.
But it was the 17th tee at St Andrews and ahead lay the daunting Road Hole. With rain dripping off their visors, the luminaries of sport and screen compared notes and consulted their caddies.To the right stood the unlovely bulk of the Old Course Hotel and straight ahead was a hoarding advertising that same edifice. "Aim for the word 'hotel' on the poster," David Howell advised his playing partner, Grant. "That's the word 'hotel', not the hotel itself."The star of Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral did as he was told and his ball soared over the hoarding in the general direction of the green. Grant nodded, pursed his famous lips and set off down the fairway.
A sizeable proportion of the womenfolk of St Andrews made parallel progress outside the ropes. "A big thank you to Mr Grant," a steward noted, "for bringing out the local fauna."The match scorer was having the time of her life, spotting friends in the crowd and trotting over to share her good fortune. "However did you get to go around with Hugh Grant?" one jealous acquaintance asked. "Just the luck of the draw, Mags," the scorer modestly replied.The quartet of Howell and Grant, Paul McGinley and MacLachlan was the epitome of the Dunhill Links Championship: fine golfers and famous faces in sporting combination. It is, the organisers justly boast, a unique event.They are right. But that doesn't necessarily justify the peculiar format. In standard pro-am events, the pros and the ams get the hit-and-giggle stuff out of the way in midweek and the serious play starts on Thursday.
But, here, the amateurs are attached to their professionals throughout and, if they are famous enough, their very presence guarantees distraction from cooing fans.Howell is much too nice a man to apportion blame and he seems to enjoy Grant's company, frequently helping the heartthrob to line up his putts and joshing good-naturedly between shots. But you have to wonder whether Howell's pursuit of top spot in the European Order of Merit was helped or hindered by his celebrity companion.Grant certainly seemed to feel it was the latter.
The floppy-haired screen icon left his putt on the 18th green woefully short and, moments later, confided that he was sure he had let the partnership down."I'm very off form and I think I pulled David down with me today," Grant said. "I really wasn't at my best. It was incredible fun but the nerves were unbelievable, especially when I was putting. "Howell took the day's events in good part, conceding with a wink that his average round "I can only blame on Hugh".
The actor meanwhile had decided to blame his indifferent play on the pressures of work. "I try to work as little as possible these days," he said. "But I did go back and make a film earlier this year. I blame that for the collapse of my golf game."That, and a problem or two in the balance department. "The low point today was undoubtedly falling on my arse and sliding downhill," Grant confessed. "I had a bad lie." The actor may have seemed occasionally graceless on the golf course, but, in the post-match interview, he was gentlemanliness personified. How would he characterise his partnership with Howell? "It's a sex thing," Grant confided with a twinkle. "Our eyes met across a crowded room..."

Un autre article sur le championat de Dunhill/Another Dunhill Article : ICI/HERE


Web sale for Bridget Jones' pants (BBC NEWS)

Bridget Jones's underpants, signed by Hugh Grant

A pair of outsized underpants from the film Bridget Jones's Diary are to be sold on the internet, weeks after they fetched £2,000 at a charity auction.

The pants, which have been signed by actor Hugh Grant with the message "Hello Mummy! Lots of love and kisses", were first auctioned on 14 September. The sale took place in central London to benefit The Royal Parks Foundation. Winning bidder Anna Mann said she decided to re-auction the pants on eBay to raise more money for the charity.

'Exciting bidding'
Ms Mann, who is a trustee of the charity, said: "It's such a great gift that I want every Bridget Jones fan to be able to bid and raise even more money for The Royal Parks and my own special interest of providing sport and open space for children." Bridget Jones' Diary, starring Grant and Renee Zellweger, was a huge hit in 2001. Several scenes from the second Bridget Jones film, The Edge of Reason, were shot in The Royal Parks, including the fight between Colin Firth and Grant. Sara Lom, chief executive of The Royal Parks Foundation, said: "We are delighted that the London auction of the pants raised £2,000. "Now we look forward to some equally exciting bidding between international fans on the world wide web." The internet action will start at 1200 BST on Sunday, ending a week later at 1200 BST on Sunday 15 October.

Le slip géant de Bridget Jones doit être vendu sur Internet, après quelques semaines qu'il ait été acheté pour la somme de £2.000 à une enchère de charité.

Le slip, qui a été signé par l'acteur Hugh Grant avec le message "Salut Maman! Plein d'amour et de baisers ", était d'abord vendu aux enchères 14 septembre. La vente a eu lieu à Londres pour la fondation des parcs royaux. Le gagnant de l'enchère Anna Mann a dit qu'elle a décidé à la re-enchère du slip sur eBay pour soulever plus d'argent pour la charité.

'Enchère excitante'
Mme. Mann, qui est une administratrice de la charité, a dit : "C'est un si grand cadeau que je veux que chaque fan de Bridget Jones puisse s'offrir et gagner bien plus d'argent pour les parcs royaux et mon propre intérêt est de de rendre accessible le sport et un espace ouvert pour des enfants." Le journal intime de Bridget Jones,avec Grant et Renee Zellweger, fut un carton en 2001. Plusieurs scènes du deuxième film de Bridget Jones, l'age de raison, sont filmés dans les parcs royaux, y compris le combat entre Colin Firth et Grant. Sara Lom, cadre supérieur de la fondation des parcs royaux, dit : "nous sommes enchantés que l'enchère de Londres du slip a soulevé £2.000. "maintenant nous attendons avec impatience une enchère excitante entre les fans du monde entier.." L'enchère sur Internet commencera à £1200 dimanche, et finira une semaine plus tard dimanche 15 octobre.

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Hugh Grant
and Jemima Khan obviously aren't afraid to put their cards on the table when it comes to a romantic night out. The loved-up pair met up with the heiress' brother Zac Goldsmith and his wife Sheherazade Ventura for a charity poker night in London's West End this week. The fun outing came just days after Zac and Sheherazade were the centre of press speculation that their marriage was in trouble. Reports of a rift between the pair were fuelled by photographs of the 31-year-old banking heir leaving the home of family friend Alice Rothschild last week.
There was no sign of any such difficulties when the couple arrived at the Fifty club in Mayfair, though. And Sheherazade, who was looking chic in a long-sleeved grey dress, seemed unruffled by the attention as she walked through the doors of the exclusive venue with her husband.
Jemima, who stepped out in one of this season's key fashion statements, a Wheel & Dollbaby skull print dress, likewise spent most of the evening sticking close to her leading man. Among the other famous faces who paid £10,000 each to take part in the charity event were Sting and his wife Trudie Styler.

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Hugh Grant takes front row for Biba rebirth

British actor Hugh Grant took to the front row of London Fashion Week on Tuesday for the hottest ticket in town -- the revival of iconic Sixties label Biba.More than forty years on from its launch, the brand that helped define the Swinging Sixties came back to life as a more luxurious line for the 21st century hippy.Designer Bella Freud, Sigmund's great grand-daughter, rubbed shoulders with Grant and a gaggle of fashion editors for a show organisers had hoped would lend some Sixties buzz to the flagging London fashion event.

It was a question of don't you know Hugh I am? for Hugh Grant at a fashion show with girlfriend Jemima Khan.The Four Weddings and A Funeral star was grabbed by staff who failed to recognise him as he tried to take his seat.But organiser Allyson Higgins looked mortified when he turned round and she realised her mistake at the London Fashion Week relaunch of 60s label Biba.As Hugh, 46, stepped on to the catwalk, Allyson, 23, hastily flung out an arm to restrain him, but seconds later, she was covering her mouth in horror.She said yesterday: "We cleared the end of the catwalk to allow them to cross it and take their seats. Jemima walked in front of me first and I put out an arm to keep the crowd back and as I put my hand out I felt someone push against it."I grabbed him before I even turned around and shouted 'No'. I turned around and looked and it was Hugh Grant. I took my arms away and I was like 'oh f**k'."He looked at me, laughed, just kinda walked across and gave a shrug. Everyone started chuckling."Allyson, from Missouri, added: "I'm sure he could see the complete panic in my eyes and he knew I had made a mistake. I was so shocked I couldn't even say sorry."

Credits : Mirror.co.uk

" Public Appearances " Photos :
.: Biba Fashion Show at the BFC Tent In London (19 September) : { 26 photos }

" Miscellaneous " Paparazzi Galleries :
.: 27 JAN 2003 : THE RITZ HOTEL IN PARIS { 5 photos }
.: 5 AUGUST 2006 : SHOPPING IN NEW YORK { 7 photos }
.: 24 NOV 2002 : NEW YORK { 6 photos }
.: 2 NOV 2003 : NEW YORK { 2 photos }
.: 27 JAN 2003 : THE RITZ HOTEL IN PARIS { 5 photos }
.: 17 0CT 2000 : LOS ANGELES { 4 photos }
.: 15 0CT 2000 : BEVERLY HILLS { 8 photos }
.: 16 JULY 2000 : KELSO, SCOTLAND { 7 photos }

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" Public Appearances " Photos :
At Annabel's, Berkeley Square, In London (7 September) : { 7 photos }

" Interviews " : (Thanks to Sara)
Cinema.com, Interview (2001)
The Time Magazine, Article (24.05.1999)
Instyle Magazine, Article (2002)
San Franscisco Chronicles, Article (15.08.1999)

Bridget Jones's famously large pants have gone under the hammer and raised £2,000 for charity.Personally signed by Hugh Grant, they were auctioned to raise cash for the Royal Parks Foundation (RPF) during a special charity party in London's Hyde Park.In Bridget Jones's Diary, the pants worn by Renee Zellweger's singleton, promoted the exclamation: "Hello, Mummy!" from Grant's character Daniel Cleaver.Hollywood star Grant signed them with the message "Hello Mummy!, Lots of Love and Kisses".Several scenes from the second film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason were shot in The Royal Parks, including the famous fist fight between Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) and Grant in Kensington Garden fountains.The Parks need cash to get them back into shape following the hottest summer on record.An RPF spokeswoman said about £100,000 in all was raised during the event, which was attended by celebrities including environmental campaigner Zac Goldsmith.

Le célèbre slip géant de Bridget Jones a été vendu aux enchères pour une valeur de £2.000 pour une oeuvre de charité. Personnellement signé par Hugh Grant, il a été vendu à la Royal Parks Foundation (RPF) pendant une scéance spéciale d'oeuvres de charité dans Hyde Park de Londres. Dans le journal de Bridget Jones, le slip porté par la célibataire de Renee Zellweger's, a provoqué l'exclamation : "Bonjour, Maman!" du personnage de Daniel Cleaver joué par Grant. La star d'Hollywood, Grant, l'a signé avec le message "Hello Mummy!, Lots of Love and Kisses".
Plusieurs scènes du deuxième film Bridget Jones ont été tournées dans les Royal Parks, y compris la bagarre célèbre entre Colin Firth (Mark Darcy) et Grant, dans des fontaines du jardin de Kensington. Les parcs ont besoin de moyens pour être rénover après l'été très chaud de cette année. Un porte-parole de RPF estime à environ £100.000 tous les dépenses pendant l'événement, qui ont été versés par des célébrités, comme l'écologiste Zac Goldsmith.

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Watercolour paintings depicting touching holiday scenes from HUGH GRANT's childhood have gone up for sale at a London gallery.
Over 200 pictures painted by the Notting Hill actor's dad JAMES have gone on show as a tribute to his mother FYNVOLA, who died of cancer in 2001. The LOVE ACTUALLY star personally organised the show and all proceeds will go to charity - with prices ranging from £275 ($495) to £450 ($810).
James Grant says, "Back in those days, when we were really strapped for cash, we spent three or four weeks every summer down in Cornwall and painting became a hobby - a way of relaxing after I'd built sandcastles with the boys."

Des peintures à l'aquarelle representant des scenes de vacances touchantes de l'enfance de Hugh Grant ont été mise en vente dans une gallerie de Londres.
Plus de 200 tableaux, peints par le père de l'acteur de Notting Hill, JAMES ont été mis en exposition a l'honneur de sa mère Fynvola, décédée d'un cancer en 2001. La star de LOVE ACTUALLY a personnellement organisé l'exposition et toute la vente ira a une oeuvre de charité, avec des prix allant de £275 ($495) à £450 ($810).
James Grant dit, " Auparavant, quand nous étions vraiment attaché a l'argent, nouw avons passé trois ou quatres semaines tous les étés à Cornwall et peindre est devenu un loisir- un moyen de se relaxer apres avoir construit des chateaux de sable avec les garçons."

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Happy Birthday Hughie !
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Bon anniversaire Cher Hugh , et pour feter cette date spéciale pour le site , grandes mises à jour :)
Happy Birthday Dear Hugh , and for celebrating this special day , huge updates :

" Public Appearances " Photos :

.: Other People's Marriages Book Premiere In London (3 February) : { 4 photos}
.: Billy Elliot The Musical At The Victoria Palace Theatre In London (12 May) : { 6 photos }
.: Banquet In The Italian Ambassador's Residence In London (16 May) : { 6 photos }
.: Bafta Piccadilly Party In London (8 June) : { 4 photos }
.: Charm Diamond Edition Party In London (12 December) : { 5 photos }
.: Love Actually Premiere In Tokyo (15 January) : { 5 photos }
.: Cirque Du Soleil Charity In London (5 February) : { 5 photos }
.: Standard Film Awards for 2003 In London (1 March) : { 5 photos }
.: Sargent's Cancer Care Party In London (4 June) : { 7 photos }
.: Hamiltons Gallery Summer Party In London (25 June) : { 5 photos }
.: Romance In The Age Of Uncertainty Launch Party In London (9 September) : { 4 photos }

" Interviews " :
Love Actually , Conférence de Presse à Paris au Ritz (17.11.2003)
Oprah Winfrey Show, Transcript (03.11.2003)
Cinema Ausgabe Magazine , Interview (03.2003)
CapitalFM Radio, Two Weeks Notice Interview (2002)
CapitalFM Radio, About A Boy Interview (2002)
Cosmo Magazine, Interview (1999)
USA Today , Interview (18.12.2002)
USA Weekend Magazine (23.05.1999)
What?! Movie Interview Transcript (2002)

"About Hugh" : Bio, Awards & Trivials Pages Update

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Nouveaux bouttons pour lier le site / New buttons to link back the site
 Plein de superbes nouveaux affiliates
" Videos" : Interviews:
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" Public Appearances " Photos :
.: Golden Camera Awards Show In Berlin (4 February ) : { 5 photos }
Murder By Numbers Premiere Ziegfeld Theatre In New York (16 April) : { 5 photos }

Kiefer Sutherland Sur Hugh Grant (The Independent.co.uk)

At the very peak of his profession, having picked up the best leading actor award at the weekend's Emmys, the star of 24, Kiefer Sutherland, confesses to a little career envy. He'd like to be Hugh Grant. Well, to have Grant's comedic timing, at least. "I love watching romantic comedies like Love, Actually. It's a real skill to be able to do that on camera with a script, and it's a skill I admire," says Sutherland. "That dance sequence that Hugh does? I'd rather stick a javelin in my eye than have to do that myself, but I loved watching it. There's a grace and an ease with Hugh Grant whereas with me I've never felt that comfortable doing what I'm doing - Four Weddings and a Funeral would be better for me."

À l 'apogée de sa profession, ayant reçu la principale meilleure récompense aux Emmys Awards, la star de 24, l'acteur Kiefer Sutherland, admet à une petite envie de carrière. Il voudrait être Hugh Grant. Bien, pour son talent dans des comédies, au moins."j'aime regarder des comédies romantiques comme Love Actually. C'est un vrai talent de pouvoir faire cela devant la camera avec un script, et c'est une compétence que j'admire " dit Sutherland. "Et cette scène où Hugh danse? Je m'arracherai les yeux plutot que de devoir le faire moi-même, mais j'aime le regarder. Il y a une grace et une facilité chez Hugh Grant tandis que moi je ne me suis jamais senti à l'aise dans ce que je fais - Quatre Mariages Et Un Enterrement aurait été mieux pour moi."
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" Miscellaneous " Paparazzi Galleries :
.: 4 NOV 2004 : RESTAURANT IN MADRID { 2 photos }

.: 19 JUNE 1999 : MUSEUM OF MODERN ART IN PARIS { 4 photos }
.: 6 JAN 2000 : SAINT BARTHELEMY { 5 photos }

" Scans & Photoshoots " Photos :
.: UNKNOWN PHOTOSHOOT 5 { 6 photos }
.: UNKNOWN PHOTOSHOOT 6 { 5 photos }
.: UNKNOWN PHOTOSHOOT 7 { 4 photos }
.: UNKNOWN PHOTOSHOOT 8 { 15 photos }



British director RICHARD CURTIS' 1999 movie NOTTING HILL nearly saw JULIA ROBERTS' character losing HUGH GRANT to another woman - but the film-maker couldn't face an unhappy ending. Curtis was originally keen for a more down-to-earth character to win the heart of Grant - who played WILLIAM THACKER - but it wasn't to be. He says, "Notting Hill took forever to write, mainly because there was a six-month period where it was going to be about a choice: Hugh's character choosing between Julia's famous girl, and a girl called HONEY, a local shop girl. "Eventually, in the finished version of that film he chose the shop girl - and Julia's character arrived in England on the day of the wedding. "You thought she was going to mess everything up but instead, she arrived at the reception, and sang TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY by BOBBY VEE. "I eventually couldn't bear writing a film where someone really fell in love with someone else, and then just dumped them - so I made Honey into Hugh's sister and made everything turn out peachy for the actress."

Le directeur RICHARD CURTIS britannique du film NOTTING HILL en 1999, a presque vu le personnage de JULIA ROBERTS perdre HUGH GRANT pour une autre femme - mais le réalisateur de film ne pourrait pas faire face à une fin malheureuse. Curtis était à l'origine pour qu' un personnage, plus terre-à-terre , gagne le coeur de Grant - qui jouait WILLIAM THACKER - mais il en a été autrement. Il a dit, " l'écriture de Notting Hill a pris beacoup de temps, principalement parce qu'il y a eu une période de 6 mois où il a fallu faire un choix: Le personnage de Hugh choisissant entre la fille célèbre de Julia, et une fille appelée HONEY, une commerçante locale. "Par la suite, dans la version finale de ce film il choisit la fille du magasin - et le personnage de Julia arrive en Angleterre le jour du mariage. "Vous avez pensé qu'elle allait totu gacher mais à la place, elle arrive à la réception, et chante TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY de BOBBY VEE. "Mais je ne pourrais pas supporter d'écrire un film où quelqu'un tombe vraiment amoureux de quelqu'un d'autre, et que leur amour tombe juste à l'eau - ainsi j'ai transformé HONEY en la soeur de Hugh et tout se passant bien pour l'actrice."